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Tea is one of the world’s most popular commodities, reaching a record production high of 5.95 million tons in 2016. However, the supply chain process that brings the product from the farmer to the individual consumer is extremely inefficient. This is mostly due to “middlemen” within the market that drive up prices for the final consumer. As a result, farmers have to deal with low-profit margins and consumers get stuck drinking lower-quality tea at higher costs.

TeaLet exists to change this scenario. By using blockchain technology and a web-based app, they directly connect tea growers with wholesale buyers and retailers. As a result, they have been able to more than triple the profits of tea farmers while making it cheaper and easier for consumers to purchase high-quality tea.

Furthermore, they have an amazing pitch deck that combines fine design with the perfect story.

TeaLet’s pitch deck doesn’t waste any time. Their pitch deck starts off by displaying their strongest metric – We’ve sold 100,000 cups of tea in 20+ countries. A major traction statement like this grasps the audience’s attention from the beginning, and immediately gives them credibility, even as a early-stage startup.

One of our favorite qualities of this pitch deck is the use of hard numbers. Sure, they give you the what, which is the TeaLet app; but they focus even heavier on the why, and use hard numbers to prove the market opportunity. By showcasing certain market activities, like the purchasing of a similar competitor by Starbucks, TeaLet creates ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) amongst investors who are viewing their pitch.

Finally, there’s one thing that obviously stands out against many other startup pitch decks – the design. While it is quite design heavy, their design choice greatly adds to the messaging of the pitch deck, as opposed to distracting from it.