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Castle is an innovative real estate solution for rental property owners. This startup lives by the slogan, Put Your Properties On Autopilot! and exists to help owners manage their properties without the usual headache of being a landlord. Castle serves a niche target market so you may have never heard of them; but still, they have one of the strongest pitch decks and one that you can definitely learn from!

The pitch deck has a modern and exciting design with visual aesthetics that draw in the audience. Starts off immediately by identifying the problem – Rental property owners want to make money without the work of being a landlord. This immediately gives investors an idea of why a solution needs to exist. Uses simple icons to explain each point, making it easy for the viewer to digest. Great pitch deck designers know how to give an incredible amount of information without cluttering the slide. Leads viewers into a strong and concise elevator pitch – Automate landlording through software and on-demand labor. Provides an easy-to-understand growth plan that showcases historical growth as well as projected future growth.