Business Type :

Funding round :

Series A

Funding Price :

$50 million

If you’re an avid traveler, there’s no doubt that you are well aware of what Airbnb is. Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a web service that allows people visiting another city to book rooms from locals.

Airbnb offers a classic marketplace style application – for those traveling, it offers a streamlined process to book a room, which is often easier and cheaper than booking a hotel. For “hosts”, or those renting rooms, Airbnb makes it easy to find renters and generate income from their properties.

With an effective pitch deck, they were able to convey their advantages against the competition and express their unique market positioning.

As first-timers, many entrepreneurs are focused on making their presentations look graphically ‘impressive’. However, over designing can cause too much distraction. As Steve Jobs once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Airbnb’s pitch deck, on the other hand, is the perfect representation of effective simplicity. They start by explaining the customer problem (the price of hotels, and etc.) and then use statistics to prove the market potential. Only after the problem is presented do they begin talking about the solution itself.

In this deck, very little attention is given to the actual software. There is only one slide that gives details about the software, putting the majority of the attention on the market and their plans to bring the solution to consumers. The solution slide itself only has seven words, “Search By City. Review Listings. Book It!” This is what makes it one of our favorite pitch decks. Many times, entrepreneurs spend too much time talking about the product itself, and not focusing on the things that are important to investors – the strategy and the potential to generate a high return on investment.